Yellow-Winged_BatThis Halloween season, I was reminded of the perennial symbol of an animal that is often maligned: the bat. Since the Middle Ages, bats have been getting a bad rap. They are often dark in color, are nocturnal, and are usually found in spooky, dark caves. Some species of bats feast on the blood of livestock. Because they were misunderstood, they immediately got the reputation of being evil and were associated with vampires and witchcraft. To this day, superstitions linger about the bat, our beneficial friend.

In order to better understand bats, we have to dispel a few myths. First, most bats only eat plants and small insects. Vampire bats, however, do bite other animals for a little blood. They are not disguised vampires and they rarely bother humans. Bats also do not delight in tangling up in people’s hair. They fly at night because that is when the insect population is the most plentiful. They do have some eyesight; however, they rely on their uncanny echo system for nocturnal navigation. Bats eat a lot of harmful and pesky insects as well as provide beneficial pollination for plants.

Even though they are of great use in the wild, they are not so great to have as room mates. Since bats thrive in warm, dark places, they will often find crevices in the eaves of homes and buildings and will set up residency. Bat droppings are not only unsanitary, but can lead to severe respiratory problems in humans. Although they are herbivores, they still can bite and are a leading carrier of rabies in the United States. It is never advised to touch a living bat or its carcass.

If you have a bat infestation, there are humane ways of dealing with the problem.. There are professional wildlife teams who know how to rid your home of bats safely and kindly. When it comes to wildlife removal, there is no animal to big or too small. Whether your in need of Opossum removal, Squirrel Removal, Chicago Squirrel removal, Bat Removal, or even Armadillo removal,

Most bat infestations occur in attics, where the bats will roost during the day. Professionals will come to your house to check out the extent of the infestation and find where the bats are entering. The team will seal up any crevices and cracks along the roof, except for the main one that the bats are using.

After all secondary routes are blocked, the wildlife team will place an excluder where the bats 1641786_1bf5c5b0come in and out. When the bats fly safely out of the excluder to go on their nightly rounds, they cannot get back inside. This can only be done during certain times of the year when bats are not having youngsters. You would not want a bunch of little abandoned bat babies flying around in your attack. When the bats see that they cannot get back into your house, they will fly on to other places–hopefully outside. After the attic is free of bats, the main hole is permanently sealed.

Bats play a vital role in insect control and pollination and are best when they live in the wild. If you do get a few squatters, it is good to know that there is humane bat removal services. It is possible for humans and wildlife to coexist peacefully in the right conditions.